Atacama Lodge

Atacama Lodge is located a few kilometers south of San Pedro de Atacama, in the chilean Andes, very close to the triple custom point between Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.

Compared to the other lodging solutions in San Pedro, we have a different location, different aim and different advantages.

We are receiving amateur astronomers from all over the world, mostly around the new moon period of the month, and are able to rent high quality telescopes, but also receive individuals or groups who simply prefer a quieter space than anywhere in San Pedro, and visit the different places around San Pedro by themselves. We offer prestations similar or better than in most of the higher end hotels in San Pedro, except we are not a hotel, but a lodge. The place is really quiet, the sky wonderful, and with the best view on the Andes from any other place in San Pedro. And yes, sometimes we see clouds...

San Pedro de Atacama is a small village (5000 people), and the incredible surroundings complete our skies. Around here you can see the Moon Valley, the Geysers of the Tatio (11% of all the geysers of the world are there), altiplanic lagoons with their fauna and flora (Flamingos, Vicuñas and Guanacos, Nandus). We are just north of the Salar de Atacama. For those interested in mountain climbing, there are summits over summits to climb. San Pedro de Atacama, for its location is also a starting point to trips to the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia (the largest salt lake in the world) and further on to the Titicaca lake, or Macchu Picchu in Peru. So you can be sure to have a wonderful astronomical experience here, but also let the non astronomers in your family have an unforgettable trip.