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Telescope Rental

For the amateur astronomer visiting San Pedro, we are able to rent some photographic equipment:

  • A Takahashi EM200 mount with FS102 refractor, 70mm Vixen fluorite guidescope, ST4 autoguider
    Télescope avec monture Takahashi
    *In the coming weeks this setup will be upgraded with a better balancing system, a better guidescope control system (Takahashi TGM2), and a new QHY5 guiding camera. We will also have a luminescent screen for flat fields.
  • A 30cm (12") telescope on a modified Astrola mount (with 35cm drive wheels from Valmeca)
  • We can also rent different cameras, like a defiltered 300D Canon camera, a defiltered 5D Canon cameras, CCD cameras, ask us.

The Takahashi and 30cm telescope are installed under a shelter, and in the future one will be able to use them from the comfort of a lodge. The Takahashi does not have a goto mount, but when you are pointed to the right zone, then you can do the series of images automatically.

We can rent some dobsonian telescopes, either a 45cm or 33cm which we can place near to your lodge. These telescopes are equipped with Nagler and Ethos eyepieces.

We can also rent the telescopes used during the tours, but after the tours. The 60cm is really too heavy to move, but it is nice to be able to use it several hours after the tours.
Understand that if you rent any of this equipment, you are supposed to be able to use it. Photographic telescopes are polar aligned and ready to use. We provide a checkin on the telescopes, telling you how they work, mainly for the photographic telescopes. If you have any web site with your photographs for example, please let us know before coming here.
Telescope support is provided only after our nightly tours and during the afternoon.
For beginners, we organize nightly general purpose sky discovery tours.
It is possible to rent telescopes without staying in the lodges (provided you have your own transportation between town and the lodges).
The telescope rent is paid after you observe or just before. Normally the sky is clear here, but there are cases when it is cloudy or partially cloudy. We apply the following guidelines on telescope renting:

  • Sky is clear or clear for more than 80% of the night, renting is paid (even if you decided that after all you don't want to observe).
  • Sky is cloudy, no rent is paid.
  • Sky is on and off, we talk according to how much you could observe to agree on a fair rate.

Only for the clients of our lodge, we can loan a pier, with electricity, on which you can install your own mount. We also provide counterweights, so that you can come to Chile only with the head of your mount. The top part of the pier has a hole through which one can locate a screw holding the mount (there is a small hole through which insert and tighten the screw.


Please contact us for the pricing, depending on what configuration you need, and the number of nights

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