San Pedro de Atacama Celestial Explorations

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How to get there?

We are located at : 22°57'09.8" South, 68°10'48.7"West

You can arrive by different means to San Pedro and to our lodge :
Coming from a foreign country, the only airport to fly to is Santiago de Chile. Then you can either fly to Calama (the local airport) or, if you prefer to visit some other parts of Chile before, by bus.
By bus: Arriving to San Pedro, the buses stop in Licancabur street, and if you continue further on, you will find the parking near the "feria artesanal". There, there are normally taxis, and they know about our observatory (talk about "el astronomo frances en Solor".
By airplane: Calama is the place to reach. There are flights from Santiago to Calama everyday, with different companies. In Calama airport, you have all the classical car renting companies. We recommend renting from a reputable company, because in case of problem, they can help. You can find local people renting you a car or a truck, but if it breaks down, it is normally tough luck.
By road: If you either rent a car in Calama or are coming by road, going around Calama is easy, and the direction of San Pedro de Atacama is well marked. Going inside Calama is a bit harder (to get gas for example). Try to go in and go backward from where you came from. The road to Calama to San Pedro is about 100km, rising progressively to 3300m of altitude, then going down. The road going down is less straight, when you see a panel indicating a curve, please take it slowly (peligro means danger in spanish). When you start to see San Pedro, there is a place with a lot of street lights (which by the way don't work at night), you will see a crossing, take right on this road. This road goes around San Pedro, is longer than going through San Pedro, but as a first time, a safer bet. You continue this road for several kilometers, not taking the direction of Valle de la Luna. This road arrives on a T, take the right branch to Toconao, then count 3.2 kilometers. Getting there, you will see on each side of the road, two tires painted in white, take the entrance to the right. Go straight on this road, about 200m you are on the corner of the property, another 50m is the entrance of the lodges. Try not to arrive at night, since it's a lot more difficult to find the place at night (plus with your light you might disturb the people and telescopes observing). Once you enter in the lodges, the first on the right is lodge 1 and 2, then there is a second construction which are lodges 3, 4 and 5. Our house is further away. During the week days, Soledad will be around to help you. If not, come to our house.

View of San Pedro de Atacama with the route going around  town:

Plan comment se rendre aux lodges

Once you reach the T, take right and 3.2km further, you will see the white tires, turn right, don't take the first on the right, but the second, entering inside the lodges  :

Plan Atacama Lodge

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