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Telescope Hosting

Since 2005, we are hosting several robotic telescopes:

  • The first one was a telescope for Campo Catino Observatory from Italy, first a 50cm F/3 telescope with an AP8p camera on a Paramount ME, now a 40cm F/8 RC telescope with an ST8 camera. It worked mainly for the microfun program, then also on comets. It has recently been moved under a clamshell dome and is used with a QHY9 camera in collaboration between the original owner and a group of french amateur astronomers working on comets.
  • In 2007, came two telescopes for a canadian group. The first one is a 50cm Planewave instruments telescope on a Paramount, with an Apogee ALTA U42 2kX2k thinned back illuminated chip. This telescope has been used for variable star follow up and transneptunian asteroid occultations.
  • The second is a 20inch Ritchey Chrétien F/6.7 telescope with an STL11000 camera. It has been recently moved in another dome and will be used by a group from the Universidad de Antofagasta on exoplanet timing.
  • Since 2009, we hosted a C14 on Paramount, used with a Hyperstar corrector and a QHY8 camera, for general astrophotography. It is about to be replaced by a 40cm hyperion telescope on an AP1600 mount.
  • A panamean amateur astronomer owns a 30cm RC F/8, also on a Paramount equipped with and STL11000 camera under a motorized Skyshed used for general astrophotography.
  • We have a ASA 40cm Newtonian on a Astrophysics 1200 mount and a STL11000 CCD camera used for bright TNO hunting in the southern part of the sky. This telescope belongs to the Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia.
  • Another canadian amateur astronomer owns a 38cm newtonian telescope on a Paramount witha QSI532 CCD camera.
  • The polish academy of sciences runs the "pi of the sky" program from our observatory. Two small 85mm cameras monitor the skies for bright gamma ray burst optical counterparts.
  • A german amateur astronomer (living in Belgium) runs a 40cm ODK telescope on a DDM85 ASA mount with a FLI ML16803 camera. He works on variable stars, and is the most prolific amateur in the world in the domain.
  • A russian amateur astronomer uses an Astrosib 40cm RC telescope on a Paramount in order to photograph the sky. He recently started an asteroid discovery program.
  • Another russian group uses an FSQ106 telescope on a DDM65 mount to make very deep sky images.
  • I have installed a small shelter for my own NEQ6 mount, which I don't have time to use much, but which I rent to amateur astronomers coming to San Pedro. It can receive various small instruments.

In the coming year (2013) we will be installing several other telescopes :

  • A 60cm newtonian telescope on a large fork mount used for asteroid survey
  • A large fork mount with several 200mm telephoto lenses and PL16803 cameras in order to survey the sky fast moving objects and exoplanet transit detections).
  • A C14 with a LISA spectrograph (it is already operational, but in a manual shelter in the back of my house, now have to move it in a clamshell and with a fork mount so as to be useable in remote mode).
  • A TOA130 refractor on a locally made english mount for a group of french amateurs interested in astrophotography
  • A 55cm newtonian telescope for a french professional group.

We provide support for these telescopes, general maintenance, improvements. We have a workshop with lathe and milling machine. We have provided support for the installation of the telescopes too. The persons who have telescopes here have become friends and we interact with them on a daily basis to make sure their observing project is successful. This development is the result of substantial investment in land property, electric instalation, broadband internet, etc... We will soon have about 12000 watts of solar panels installed. We are qualified people working on this aspect of SPACE. We have molds for 3.5m large clamshell domes. You will not find anywhere in South America such a quality service.

After this first series of installation we will stop for a while, due to limitation on the 4 Mb internet. Contact us anyway if you would like to install a telescope here in the future (after 2014). Talk to us also about your technical choices, we know what works and what does not.

If you too would like to place your instrument under a real sky, read the following document.

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