San Pedro de Atacama Celestial Explorations

The complete solution to observe the Atacama sky

Sales conditions

We ask you to follow the following simple guidelines :
Before your trip:

  • We ask that you make a prereservation a month before you arrive. We will soon have an online payment facility.
  • You can either pay by international bank transfer, or by credit card. Once in San Pedro, you can pay either in chilean pesos, US dollars, euros or credit card. We apply the local (Calama) change rate.
  • If you want, let us know about the rest of your trip, maybe we can help.
  • We send you a message stating the dates of your stay here, and should the case occur, the equipment rented.


  • As you arrive, we make a checkin with you, and make a checkout as you leave. These concern the lodges themselves, but also the telescope equipment if any has been rented.
  • We are not available during our tours (typically from sunset to midnight).
  • We ask that you don't do much noise at night or during the morning.
  • We ask that you don't make fires/barbecue at night when other people are observing.
  • We ask that if you have a car, you enter the property with low lights at night.
  • The swimming pool is only opened during the summer, i.e. mid October to mid March, outside of this period the temperature is not high enough. In the winter we reach freezing temperatures, so the swimming pool is emptied.
  • Use the swimming pool at your own risk. It is not adapted for use by small children alone.

These have been decided in the best interest of everybody coming to our place.

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