Welcome to SPACE

SPACE is a story of two persons who met a few years ago in La Serena, Chile. Alejandra is a technician in tourism and Alain is an engineer in astronomy. A brief resume is here. Alain visited San Pedro in 2000 and was amazed by the beauty of the sky and the Earth there. Ale came later, and in 2003 we got married and bought a house in Solor, south of San Pedro. The first telescopes were installed on this land, and more came. We now have the largest public observatory in Chile. One of the goal of the project is to conduct private research on Near Earth Asteroids and Comets. The other is to show the sky to the many people who come to San Pedro, without having access to a telescope. Visual observation of the sky is a very spectacular activity. It goes from the peaceful contemplation of the naked eye sky, to the telescopic observations of objects which are really spectacular like the craters of the Moon, the rings of Saturn, the view of many clusters of stars, the appearence of faint galaxies, to the philosophical contemplation of our universe. Explained by a guide with a powerful telescope, the sky suddenly turns from a 2 dimensional image to a 3 dimensional one. The Solar System, the magnificent Milky Way as seen from here, the farthest galaxies... Our tours last usually two hours and a half. But you will remember the experience much longer. Since many years, we are hosting telescopes used over the internet for research purposes, and will soon offer the possibility to take images through automated telescopes.